You may remember the original Charlie Mitchell's Restaurant and Pub, owned by and named for the soccer legend. With soccer memorabilia on the wall, the original Charlie's was a place where you could take your whole family, stop by after work for happy hour, enjoy a relaxing lunch away from the office or grab something to eat after soccer practice. Much like pubs in Scotland, it was a place where you could laugh and have a great time. Charlie Mitchell's Modern Pub captures that same spirit of revelry, but with an updated, modern look and a lighter, healthier menu. You'll still find the old Scottish pub standby of fish and chips, but now you can get a heart-healthy salad and pizza. Charlie Mitchell says, "Quality is never an accident," and his restaurant reflects that. When you come to the new Charlie's you'll experience a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere and enjoy a quality meal at a fair price with excellent service—because that's how Charlie does it.


Born in Scotland, Charlie Mitchell got his start playing soccer when he was about 5 years old. He signed on to play professionally in his home country when he was 17. A year later, he joined the North American Soccer League (NASL) and came to the United States to play for the New York Cosmos. While there, he even played with fellow soccer legend, Pelé. Traded to Team Hawaii, he both played and coached the team. Then the decision came to relocate the team to either Cleveland or Tulsa. Because of Tulsa's youth soccer program, they moved the team here.

Charlie went on to play for the Toronto Blizzard before retiring from his 10-year professional soccer career to coach the Tulsa Roughnecks in 1979. After returning to Tulsa, he decided to follow his other passion, owning a restaurant. Much like soccer stars in Scotland who opened pubs after they retired, he opened his restaurant as a place for his fans and friends to gather and enjoy good food. And he chose to open Charlie's here because he says, "In Tulsa, when someone says 'let's have dinner,' they actually call you later."